The Eye Of The Storm

Difficulty: Moderate/Advanced

You’re all attending a watch party at Uncle Bob’s cottage.  It’s the series finale of everyone’s favorite show. Uncle Bob is away at a farm show for the weekend and, in exchange for a weekend in the country, he entrusted you to watch after Pax, his most loyal dog.  It’s late and you just heard there is a storm on the way. Facebook says it’s a bad one. So it must be true right? No one is panicking yet. But everyone is on edge. Everyone is checking their phones, but reception is failing.   You can hear thunder in the distance and flashes of light can be seen through the windows. The lights start to dim, blink even. Your watch party is quickly interrupted by a weather report so your eyes are glued to the tube.  

Just then you realize Pax is missing.  The storm is stirring and you need to find a safe place for everyone in your group.  You’re pretty sure there is a safety shelter out back, but you’re not sure how to get inside.  Uncle Bob is a thrifty and suspicious old man, so things are locked up tight. You don’t have much time.   Look around but be alert! You know when the town alarm sounds, you’re in trouble. Where can Pax be and can you find him AND get to safety in time?  



The Classroom

Can you Escape Detention?

Difficulty: Moderate

It's late in the day on a hot afternoon.  You're about to break for recess.  The final bell is about to ring and the class clown sitting beside you shoots a rubber band at the teacher's back.  The blame falls on everyone in your direction since no one will own up.  The bell sounds, and the few of you get left behind, locked in the classroom to sit out the last hour of the last day of school.  Devastation sets in, but soon you all realize you could have your own kind of fun.  You all happen to know the teacher has a quirky side and feel sure she developed a creative way to escape.  You have that one hour to rummage through the classroom for clues to break free and run home for break before you are caught!